Partner With us

Unicesumar has partners all over the world, and believes that the exchange of students and professor are essential for the continual advancement of knowledge.

Uniquely positioned in the safest city in Brazil, Maringá, students and professors are able to come to a welcoming and safe environment. Our housing installations on campus, help students transition, and make University life more complete.

Short Term Programs

We have run short term programs in every area, including Global Agriculture, Sustainability in developing cultures, doing business in Latin America, Latin American Culture and Politics, among others.

These programs are completely customizable to the need of our partners, and students are hosted within our student housing. The programs can be run in Portuguese, English or Spanish depending on your choosing.

Semester Long Programs

We accommodate the students of our partner institution with no need for tuition, affordable housing, as well as free dining at our school restaurants. In addition, we help students find internship and research opportunities in order to further capitalize in their international experience. For a small raise in tuition we also offer intensive semester long Portuguese learning program for our international students.

Research Fellowships

For Professors looking to do research abroad we provide free housing and meals, as well as number of interns, and partnership with local professors to help develop research. The only requirement is to give a total of 8 hours of classes per month, and a publication with one of our professors.

Double Degrees

As a dynamic private University we have the malleability and responsiveness to develop double degrees that enrich both universities. In the past we have worked with both graduate and undergraduate courses, with both abroad modules and intensive two week courses.