Radio Unicesumar

Unicesumar University Radio (RUC FM), which operates on the frequency of 94.3 MHz, is an educational broadcaster whose commitment is to broadcast programs developed by students of Journalism and Advertising and Propaganda, with the aim of stimulating the development of culture, art and citizenship, while at the same time pressing for good quality contemporary music.

Tv e Rádio

TV Unicesumar

TV Unicesumar, channel 28 (open TV) and 21 and 97 (NET), stands out for the local production and retransmission of the educational channel Futura. Its productions are the result of a policy that does not give up the educational character of the UniCesumar Foundation; to support initiatives that promote development, culture, care for the environment and social inclusion; and to act as a service provider to the community in general, in Maringá and surrounding towns.