Research and Growth

Research occupies an essential plaresearchce at our institution, based on two premises: the need to organize and systematize scientific production and the need to stimulate, support, and expand production. This makes Unicesumar one of the best research centers in the country. With this title, the institution has assumed a perennial commitment to evolving all aspects of knowledge, valuing creative national potential and fostering concepts and the emergence of new theories and solutions. Such a philosophy corresponds to the application of a trinity of concepts that supports and justifies it: Teaching, Research, and Extension.

The result of this work is rewarding when our biannual journals are published, including Scientific Initiation, Health and Research Human Science and Applied Social Sciences, Law Journal Masters, and RAMA- Journal of Agribusiness and Environment, among others.

To support researchers, Unicesumar has a Permanent Committees for Ethics in Research, a Research Advisory Committee, and a Support Center for Publishing and Research, A center for Technological Innovation, and a Program of Support and Training for Professional Development. The research activities constitute one of the most important pillars of the quality of education at Unicesumar, providing constant progress in knowledge for all researchers.

Farm School

New agricultural and cattle-related technologies provide immediate teaching and research instruments that are dynamic and effective. This is why Unicesumar has an experimental farm, with over 166 acres and stalls for located 10 miles from downtown Maringá.
The farm provides a didactic-pedagogical framework that supports students of Veterinary Medicine, Agronomy and Agribusiness, and Environmental Engineering, among others.


With 176 acres and a constructed area of 3 thousand m2, the UniCesumar Farm-School houses the Center for Biotechnology in Animal Reproduction – BIOTEC. The mission is to provide innovative and quality teaching, articulated with research, extension and service delivery in several courses (Agronomy, Agribusiness, Biological Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedicine).


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