President Words


Wilson de Matos Silva


Our activities began in 1990. Since the founding of Cesumar University Center (Unicesumar), one of the hallmarks of the institution is our philosophy of offering quality education providing the best academic preparation for students to realize their dreams and become professionals.

This is why Unicesumar is among the top 4% of the best institutions in Brazil, standing out as the best university center in Southern Brazil. This fact is evident when considering the merits of our professors and students, based on evaluations carried out by the Ministry of Education (MEC). The last evaluation by the MEC gave Unicesumar a grade of 4 for the General Index of Courses on a scale from 1 to 5. Such an outcome confirms that Unicesumar provides the highest quality for which it has always strived. Such dedication will also translate to degree in Medicine at Unicesumar, which were authorized on November 17, 2011.

At Unicesumar, students realize that their time at a university can and should be unforgettable, both with what they learn and what they experience. Unicesumar has a variety of people with different origins and various interests and experiences. They all focus on a common thing: excellence in teaching, research, extension, and culture. Such excellence is a driving force for Unicesumar to encourage its students and staff to make social and professional connections because the friends of today will be the professional colleagues of tomorrow.

This is the logic that sustains our institution. We value the human relationships that are manifested here, involving students, families, friends, and others who dedicate themselves to surviving and thriving by learning to evolve. This constant concern with the well-being of all who take part in this educational process has stimulated Unicesumar to value a planned and comfortable architecture that seeks to contribute to an exceptional academic quality of life that is functional and pleasant for those who live here.


The best private university center in southern Brazil.