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Wilson de Matos Silva



We work with ethical principles and professionalism, not only to offer quality education, but, above all else, to generate a complete conversion of people to knowledge. We established our base with 4 pillars: intelectual, professional, emotional and espiritual.

We started Unicesumar 29 years ago, with 2 undergraduate courses and 180 students. Today, we have more than 120 thousand students spread all around Brazil, at the four campuses in Maringá, Curitiba, Ponta Grossa and Londrina, and in more than 200 EAD hubs in the country, with dozens of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Per year, we produce, edit and revise 500 books and distribute more than 500 thousand copies.

We are acknowledged by MEC (Ministry of Education) as an institution of excelence,  with IGC (General index of courses) of 4 for 7 consecutive years, on a scale of 1 to 5. We are one of the 10 biggest educational groups of Brazil.

The fast speed of the modern world demands of the educators smart solutions to meet the needs of all. To maintain relevance, an educational institution needs to have at least 3 virtues: innovation, courage and commitment to quality. For this reason, we have launched several engineering EAD courses that reunite the best of classroom and distance education.

We believe that education should also develop emotional and spiritual inteligence, which makes us invest in culture and arts through the Choir, University Pastoral and Multidynamic Museum, located in our Maringá campus.

All of these actions and projects exist to honor our mission, that is to promote quality education in the different areas of knowledge, forming professional citizens that contribute to the development of a fair and supportive society.

Prof. Wilson de Matos Silva



The best private university center in southern Brazil.

Mission | Vision


Promote quality education in different areas of knowledge.

Form professional citizens who make substantial contributions
to the development of a fair and solidary society.


We want to be a nationally recognized higher education institution by guaranteeing:
  • Quality and commitment of the faculty;
  • Institutional competence in various areas of research;
  • Broadening of university extension programs.
  • Quality of our courses and remote education.
  • Well-being and satisfaction of our community.
  • Quality of academic and administrative management.
  • Social commitment to inclusion.
  • Cooperative ventures and partnerships with industry.
  • Commitment to and permanent relationship with alumni, encouraging continuing education.